Frequently Asked Question

1. Opening an account on Guide Maestro’s website

Must I create an account to purchase training?

Yes, you must create an account to use Guide Maestro’s registration and payment on-line services. If you purchase training from Guide Maestro’s site, the contact information registered at the time of opening an account will be forwarded to the trainer or training organization. This contact information will appear on your bill, your course transcript, your participation certificate, etc.

If you sign up for training by contacting the trainer or training establishment directly, without using Guide Maestro’s registration and payment on-line services, you do not have to create a user account.

Must I create an account to publish my profile in the Trainers Catalogue?

Yes, you must create an account to add your profile to Guide Maestro’s Trainers Catalogue. This information, provided at the time of opening an account, will allow potential clients to get in touch with you. If you publish training in the catalogue, this information will appear on the clients’ invoices who purchase training through the site.

Why can we not use a pseudonym (handle, alias, nickname, etc.) to open an account?

We require your complete contact information and your real name to proceed with the registration process for training, to issue participation certificates or to issue invoices. It is not possible to process this information using pseudonyms (handle, alias, nickname, etc.).

Who can open an account on behalf of a training organization?

Guide Maestro presumes that the person who opens an account on behalf of a training organization has the authority by his or her organization to do so. Only one person at a time can act as the person of authority of the organization’s profile.

2. Purchase of training

Can I register another person, not just me, for training using my user account?

Yes, you can register another person, not just you, for training using your user account.

Can I sign up several people for courses with a single purchase?

Yes, you can sign up as many people as necessary using a single user account. All registrations will be included on the same invoice. You can sign up several people for one single training course or several people for different training courses.

Where can I retrieve documents provided with the training I purchased?

To retrieve any documents associated with a training course, such as class notes or PowerPoint presentations, you must log-on to your account and go to your ‘My files’ folder. All documents will be listed according to the training program they are associated with.

I don’t live in the province of Quebec, can I purchase training on Guide Maestro’s website?

Yes. In the advanced search criteria, sort the training courses available according to country to see training given in your country, and then choose those which you would like to sign up for.

In certain cases and under certain conditions (training on-line for example), you could have access to certain training courses given outside your country. You would have to check with the trainer or training organization directly, before signing up, what the accessibility regulations are regarding training for foreign students.

Most countries will demand that students have a study permit before beginning the training course. Check with the trainer or training organization to know if foreign students are admissible to training that they offer, and if a study permit is necessary

IMPORTANT: Do not sign up for training given in any other country than your own without being certain that you can fulfill all requirements to access the said training.

Must I pay Quebec taxes if I live outside the province of Quebec?

If you live in a Canadian province other than Quebec, you must pay all taxes applicable to the province Quebec (GST, QST) on your purchases.

If you live outside Canada, you will not have to pay Quebec taxes on your training purchase. Any trainers or training establishments located outside Canada will already have included their own taxes respective to their country of origin in the price of the training course.

3. Add training to the catalogue

What kind of training can be added to the directory?

Guide Maestro accepts all types of training and courses in its directory of training. The only common denominator required is that the activity be training.

How will Guide Maestro contribute towards the promotion of my training courses?

Guide Maestro’s portal has been designed and optimised in a way to get excellent rankings in search engines. Training listed in Guide Maestro’s directory has much better visibility than those listed on trainers’ individual websites. Furthermore, Guide Maestro purchases advertising from search engines to increase its portal visibility advantage.

Guide Maestro deploys a strategy to make your training standout on social media. We promote your training through informative content published on social media. We also purchase advertising on social media.

Lastly, Guide Maestro also assures the promotion of your training through its newsletter that is distributed to the general public, as well as during its participation in various events (exhibitions, tradeshows, trade fairs etc.). Subscribers to Guide Maestro can also become known by bidding on tenders published by companies on Guide Maestro’s portal.

This promotion strategy, using multiple channels, adds to the promotion that you do yourselves for your own training in order to increase your visibility. Moreover, Guide Maestro makes your task easier by letting you easily distribute your trainer profile and your fact sheets on social media.

Can we do on-line training (e-Learning) on the website?

It is quite possible to advertise on-line training on Guide Maestro’s site that would be hosted on another website (an e-Learning platform).

It is also possible to use Guide Maestro’s portal to get the training you offer known through video support and broadcasted on YouTube.

In a future version of Guide Maestro’s portal, we would like to make it possible to distribute on-line training directly from our website. Stay tuned for news updates!

Why can I not put a pay-per-view video?

For the moment, Guide Maestro cannot host videos and only make them accessible to those who have purchased training.

In a future version of Guide Maestro’s portal, we would like to make it possible to market on-line training directly from the portal of Guide Maestro’s website. Stay tuned for news updates!

How will I receive my registration revenues?

A trainer or training establishment can see, in real time, the number of places that have been purchased for their training through Guide Maestro’s portal. Furthermore, before the start date of each training session, the trainer or training establishment will receive an attendance list that will include all registration information.

Registration revenues are paid to trainers between 15 and 20 days after the start date of the course. This delay allows easier management of any cancellation and refund requests. Registration revenues are paid either by cheque, by bank transfer, or by PayPal account transfer, whichever method the trainer chose on the subscription form.

Can Guide Maestro manage taxes for my training organization?

For Quebec based trainers and training organizations, Guide Maestro can take care of the collection of, and remittance of government taxes. By subscribing to the Pro subscription plan, trainers sign a form authorizing Guide Maestro to act as legal representative or agent on behalf of the trainer to collect and remit all government taxes.

For trainers and training organizations outside Quebec, you must post your price list with all taxes included, and remit any taxes collected to your government.

What happens if I modify or cancel my subscription and I have active training courses in the catalogue?

In the case where a Pro Subscription is transformed into a Basic Subscription, your training remains registered in the catalogue. Visitors to the site can no longer sign up and pay on-line; they must contact you directly to proceed with their enrollment. In the case where you transform your paid subscription to a free subscription, your trainer profile remains active. However, if you have active training in the catalogue, your training files will not be removed immediately – they will be labelled as cancelled.

In the case where you cancel a free subscription, your trainer or training establishment profile will be kept on the site for a certain period of time, however, your profile will be labelled as inactive. Refer to Terms of Use for further information on terminating subscriptions.

Which copyright laws must be respected?

Any trainers and training institutions that publish content (videos, photos or text) on Guide Maestro’s site must be the legal owners of these components or must have obtained a licence or permission from the owner for commercial purposes of the component. Refer to Terms of Use for further detailed explanations on respecting copyright.

I don’t live in the province of Québec – can I advertise my training on Guide Maestro’s site?

Yes. When completing your subscription information, you must specify your country and the location where your training is offered. Visitors to Guide Maestro’s site who reside in the same country as you can then easily find training you offer and sign up. You must post your prices with all taxes included applicable to your country’s tax laws, and remit any taxes collected to your government. In the description section of the training you offer, you should indicate if your training is accessible to foreign students, and if so, under which conditions.

4. Cancellation and refund

What happens if the training course is cancelled before having begun?

If a course is cancelled by the trainer or training institution before the start date of the course, you will be refunded for registration fees collected in advance (less bank transaction fees or PayPal fees).

I am no longer available – can I cancel my registration for training that has not yet begun?

Yes. You can cancel your registration at any time before training has begun, and be refunded for registration fees collected in advance (less bank transaction fees or PayPal fees). You have up to one (1) business day before the start date of a course to request cancellation of your registration.

Must I pay if I am absent from the course?

Yes. According to the Consumer Protection Act, if you are registered for training and you have not requested cancellation within a delay of at least one (1) business day before the start of a course, you must pay for the portion of the course that would have been given before your request for cancellation. This is applicable even if you were absent because the trainer was still offering the intended service.

Can I be refunded for training that has already begun?

Under certain conditions, the Consumer Protection Act foresees the possibility of being refunded for training that has already begun. You must pay for all classes given before your making the request to cancel your registration. If training lasts more than three (3) consecutive days or has a monetary value of more than $100.00, you could be refunded for the portion of the course not yet given, less a penalty of $50.00, or of 10% of the value of the remaining course to be given, whichever is lower. Refer to Legal Notices for further details.

5. Call for Tender

Who can post free Calls for Tender on Guide Maestro’s website?

Any business or organisation that needs custom or made-to-measure training can post a call for tender at no cost on Guide Maestro’s website to find a trainer or training organisation.

Will my company receive all bids sent by the trainers or training establishments directly?

Yes. All bids made by the trainers or training establishments will be addressed directly to you. You can choose your training provider amongst the bidders. Though, you do not have to retain one or any of the bids you received.

Can my company contact the bidders directly?

Yes. You will have access to complete credentials of the training providers, and you can contact them directly. You could also contact any trainer or training institution directly, who is in the Trainers Directory, to invite them to bid.

6. Blog and comments

I’m a trainer – can I post an article on Guide Maestro’s site to become known by seekers of training?

Yes. Guide Maestro’s blog is open to all trainers and training institutions that have a profile in the Trainers Directory. The blog is a forum that lets you post your expert opinions, comments and recommendations. All articles must be targeted towards educational purposes, sharing of knowledge or sharing of experience or expertise.

The most interesting articles posted on the blog will be reprinted in Guide Maestro’s newsletter, and to reach an even wider audience, be shared on social media pages managed by Guide Maestro.

Why can’t I advertise my training on the blog?

Posts for advertising purposes will not be accepted on the blog or in the comments section. If you wish to advertise your training, you can do so by adding this to the Training Directory, which is designed to promote. The blog has another goal – to share expertise with visitors to the site. A well-conceived article (post) could build your credibility and reach a vast audience – which in itself is an indirect way of promoting your training.

I submitted post to the blog, but it didn’t appear immediately on the site. Why?

Guide Maestro manages its blog. All posts must be read and approved before being published. We review all articles, posts, discussions and comments to assure that they correspond to our Editorial Policy. For further details, consult our Editorial Policy page.